Top 10 Face Masks for Skin Lightening

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Skin is a vital part of your outer appearance. A skin which is quite pale and looks dehydrated really hampers your overall appearance. In this world of impressions, looks really for you to impress someone at their first glance. Lightened skin is also important for making yourself noticeable. A happy skin can make you look confident than any other gorgeous outfit that you wear. Skin lightening is quite a long process and gets quite tough to do it in our busy life. Skin lightening also has some quick methods which will give your skin the lightening it deserves.

Face masks for Skin lightening
Light Skin

Before we move towards the formulas for skin lightening, let’s see the few most common reasons for skin darkening and increasing dullness.


The UV Rays coming from the sun is really harmful to the skin. The UV rays do cause the skin to darken and removes the skin from its usual skin tone. Sunburn is a major barrier in skin lightening.


The pollution from cars and other factories does spread the toxic element in the air. These pollutants in the air build a layer on the top of our skin which hides the natural glow of our skin and cause the skin lightening impossible. The pollution also causes skin diseases which can lead to serious consequences in the future.

High Iron Water

Iron is a mineral which if increased in water can cause the skin to lose its glow. The skin is quite sensitive and iron is too harsh for the skin to take as the skin can’t take the impurity of the skin and make the skin to lose its glow.  Iron is an enemy for skin lightening.

Chemicals Used in Makeup Items

Often people use makeup containing high chemical concentrations. As they stay like this for quite a long time, the skin absorbs these impurities; as a result, the skin darkens and loses its glow gradually.

Face Masks:

1. Turmeric Mask

Turmeric is a well-known ingredient which is much more effective than other natural ingredients for skin lightening. Raw turmeric is way more beneficial for skin care solution. It can be used according to daily routine and has no side effects at all. It brightens up the skin, reduces acne and brings a glow on skin. Turmeric mixed with water and applied on the skin for 10-15 minutes remove toxicity from your skin and ensures skin lightening. The turmeric can be used daily or thrice in a week to make your skin look healthy and bright.

Turmeric has been a skin lightening ingredient from ancient time. The use of turmeric ensures healthy skin according to many Ayurveda specialists. Milk with turmeric can also kill impurities and toxic elements from your blood and make your skin healthy and look bright.

2. Tomato Mask:

Tomato mask is really beneficial to get healthy skin. You need one teaspoon to one tablespoon olive oil with a minimum proportion of tomato juice. Mix these two ingredients in a good manner. Apply the mask on your whole face and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes for skin lightening. Wash your face with warm water and let it dry. This self-made Tomato mask will help you to the get rid of acne and lighten your skin from being sun-tanned. Regular use of this mask will help in the betterment of your skin and make it glow. As tomato re-energizes your skin naturally thus it doesn’t have any side effects. This mixture can be made within a very short time. The results obtained from applying this mask are quite amazing. This is a great solution for skin lightening in your daily life naturally.

3. Lentil Scrub:

Lentil is a good ingredient in terms of skin care and skin lightening. It combined with raw milk is a good skin lightening solution. At first, you have to soak some lentils and leave it for 15 minutes. Then mash them properly and add some milk and the scrub are ready to use. Apply it all over the face and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash your skin properly and let it dry. This scrub will brighten up your skin, remove pores, cleanse the skin, exfoliate skin, make the skin oil free and prevent from unusual acne. You can feel the difference from the very beginning of the use and regular use of this scrub will bring a kind of sparkle what is really appreciating.

4. Kiwi Mask:

This mask will be needed two slices of kiwi, one tablespoon curd, one tablespoon honey, two tablespoon lemon, two tablespoon corn flour. Kiwi mask is a good tonic for skin lightening. Your skin can be easily lightened by applying this mask. This much quantity will be good enough for your skin and neck and if it became watery you can use more corn flour for consistency. You can also add olive oil if your skin is extra dry. Mix all the ingredients properly until all the ingredients mix up with each other.

5. Potato Mask:

Apply the mask all over the face and neck portion also. Leave it on the face for 15 minutes and wash it off right after that. Do not forget to spray rose water for better result and skin lightening. This mask really works in many ways. Especially it will brighten up your skin 10 times more. It will tighten up pores, eliminates oily skin, and heals blemishes, remove dark spots and skin impurities. Use this mask twice in a week and users can see how magically it works. It is effective for all types of skin.

Raw potato juice is really beneficial for skin lightening. A medium-size potato will be perfect for the mask. Keep the juice in the fridge for 30 minutes for a chill. It can be used as a mask and you can leave it on your face overnight. It reduces dark circles, dark spots and lightens up your skin. You can add lemon juice for better result and it will bring a different glow on your skin. Potato has many ingredients inside it that extract dirt and impurities from the skin and makes the skin glow.

6. Fuller’s Earth Mask:

It is a kind of clay which is used as a facial ingredient and masks for daily use. It has the simplest way that you can use it with water. In real terms, it is used for absorbing oil and other impurities from the skin. As clay is totally a natural element thus using clay can be quite a risk-free and without side effects. It is known as a skin cleanser and also improves skin tone and complexion. It also tightens up skin that helps reducing wrinkles and saves our skin from aging. Use this mask twice or thrice in a week that will actually save your skin from dirt and pollution.

7. Using Charcoal:

As we know charcoal is the remedy for removing dirt from the skin. A dirt free skin is a precondition for skin lightening. Applying a charcoal mask made with water and honey can be really fruitful for healthy bright skin. Skin lightening is easier with charcoal as it extracts the impurities and toxic elements from the skin quite easily.

8. Eating Habits:

The skin which is healthy need to be healthy from inside. The person who doesn’t eat healthy food can’t have glowing skin, because impurities in the blood occurs the skin to look dark and can also cause skin diseases also. Having fruits on daily basis and consumption of a large number of vegetables can keep your skin hydrated and your skin will be healthy and look bright.

9. Drinking Water: 

Drinking water us the shower of your inner body parts. The more water you drink the cleaner you are from inside. A skin which is free from impurities does look bright. If your body contains impurities then it’s not possible to do apply any natural treatment for skin lightening. That is why often doctors always suggest improving eating and drinking habit for patients who complain about dark skin.

10. Milk and Rosewater:

From ancient times milk is quite a good ingredient for skin lightening. The rose water can make your skin look bright following it also makes your skin glow like as a rose. The combination of rose water and milk in your skin can really help you to make your skin look bright without the use of any harsh chemicals on your tender skin. As the facial skin is termed as the most sensitive skin thus it has to be kept an away from chemicals as much as possible.

Girls and boys both are concerned about their outer appearance. The skin tone can be dark or fair but the glow comes only from a skin which is healthy. Healthier skin looks much brighter than unhealthy skin. If you follow these ten methods of skin lightening then I am pretty sure you will get great results without any side effects. I would also suggest that first don’t rush with all the methods first take one method and see how your skin reacts. If your skin gets quite comfortable with one of the method then don’t try the other methods but do follow healthy food habits and drink plenty of water to keep your skin healthy.

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