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Privacy Policy

We follow a very strict privacy policy on our website. We respect you and your privacy. For that very reason, we don’t collect any sort of information when you visit our website.

Our main goal is to help you with the necessary solutions related to skincare and skincare product reviews. We don’t indulge ourselves in breaking your privacy by selling or supplying your information to any third party. You can simply check and visit our website because we don’t have any option for you to subscribe or register.

You can browse our website easily simply without disclosing any type of information. If you upload anything on our website, like commenting in our blogs and articles, it may contain information and We will not be responsible for such information to reach the hand of third parties.

Do we use cookies?

We don’t use any cookies on our website. A cookie is a small text. File that stays on your computer and gives us the chance to serve a bit better by letting us know about your previous experience and preferences on our website. But at present, we are not using any types of cookies.

General Provisions

  • We have the right to amend our privacy policies by time and change in our website with or without notice.
  • Accessing our website, you have accepted the terms in this privacy policy. To get updated about the further changes, access our privacy policy periodically.