List Of 7 Best Beauty Blog In The World For Women To Follow

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Best Beauty Blog

The world of beauty and skincare is quite simple yet complex. With a lot of constants and variables, beauty has turned into a science. As it has a lot of facts, it is obvious that there are a lot of experts. The algorithmic Youtube will take you across thousands of beauty bloggers, for which it will be quite tough for you to choose one or few whom you can actually trust.

What makes someone a reliable and trustable beauty blogger?  Obviously, it is the one who has expert knowledge and the most updated information about the industry and the science that runs it. Also, to become a trustable beauty blogger, one needs to know the variation and types of everything related to it. For example, if a beauty blogger keeps on suggesting the same remedy or giving similar tips to everyone without considering the variables like skin type, inflammatory attitude, hair size, hormonal issues, etc., he or she cannot be considered as a good and reliable beauty blogger.

As the most important and adored asset of you, Your beauty, is conditionally related to it, I am sure you don’t want to take any risk. So today, I have come to talk about the Top 7 beauty blog in the world. Let us get into it!

Organic Beauty Blogger

Best Beauty blog- Organic  Beauty Blogger

Organic Beauty Blogger is the brainchild of a beauty enthusiast popularly known as Inga. In her beauty blog, her vision and focus are always on organic procedures and greenery. She started her blog back in 2013, and since then, she has been sharing her knowledge and expertise through her website. She writes from her passion and exactly understands the need of the readers. Her reviews are widely accepted and reportedly unbiased. She usually reviews, Skincare, Haircare, Make-up, and body products. The one thing that distinguishes her from any other blogger is that she certainly focuses on greeneries. She cares for the readers and especially the regular ones.

Living Pretty, Naturally

Best Beauty blog- Living Pretty naturally

Just like its name, the website tends to promote beauty naturally. It started its journey back in 2012. Kate Murphy, the owner of this blog, is a very passionate beauty blogger and reasonably famous for her expertise. She encourages the natural ways to enhance beauty and freshness. Her blog focuses on four core beauty components, such as Body Care, Hair Care, Skincare, and Makeup. She also provides her readers with different blogs about her recipes, shakes, smoothies, drinks, and supplements that boost the beauty in natural ways. Her attention to Food and nutrition gives her a sacred position.

The Green Product Junkie

Best beauty blog - The green Product Junkie

This blog is one of the rarest of its kind and one of the most helpful for all those who prefer natural products and home processed. If you are looking forward to preparing your skincare products all by yourself at home, this blog will serve the purpose in the most sophisticated way. The blog is full of recipes for Skin, hair, and body. Young Katie, with her dream and obsession of reaching all those who share similar interests, specifically Beauty, has started this blog and currently one of the top-rated beauty blogs on the internet.

The Anna Edit

Anna Newton, the owner of The Anna Edit, had started her journey back in 2010. This website focuses not only on beauty but also on fashion, life, style, traveling, etc. You will surely find a lot of information and facts about your beauty issues on this website. Anna is an award-winning beauty blogger, and I can assure you that you can rely on her blog. Information is useful when they are visual. With this belief, Anna also makes videos on Youtube. There she makes different types of videos like Makeup tutorials, beauty tips, product reviews, etc.

Hello Glow

Hello Glow is one of the top-rated beauty blogs on the internet. The blog is quite diversified. You will get to know about skincare, makeup tutorials, product reviews, food and nutrition, and many other things that you should have an idea about. The quality of their articles and blogs aligns with their name and likewise offers you a healthy and fresh glowing skin. You will also get to know about different recipes that are good and beneficial for your skin. Their contents are very rich and can be relied upon without any hesitation.

Lisa Eldridge

This beauty blogger is quite different from the ones whom we discussed. It focuses mainly on different kinds of the make-up tutorial. It also reviews different makeup items such as lipstick, Nail polish. If you are someone who loves to make up, try different types of look or buy new makeup items now and then, this website can be a useful guide for you undoubtedly.


With strong dedication and enthusiasm, this blog always seems to help the audience with the most updated science of the industry. The blog mainly talks about Makeup, skincare, and hair product.  Besides all these, they also have their outfit wing, which is also quite useful and related to beauty.

Fresh, glowing skin, and undisturbed beauty is the dream of every girl. But our regular hassle often turns the beauty faded. As the world of beauty and skincare is always emerging, it is very important to keep yourself updated with the latest information. Besides that, the prices of skincare and beauty products such as makeup are increasing. You surely don’t want to waste your money on products that are not good. These blogs will help you to maintain healthy skin, update you with the latest information, honest and unbiased product reviews.

I hope the reading serves your purpose. Let me know about your favorite beauty blogger in the comment section!

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