Coronavirus Caution|How to Use Hand Sanitizer Effectively

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Hand sanitizers are an excellent method of hand hygiene. It is very simple to use yet, most people don’t optimize it properly. 

Throughout the day, your hand touches places and objects that you cannot imagine you did. All parts of your hand come into some form of contact with surfaces. However, most people only wash their palms with hand sanitizers. The same mistake is done while washing hands with soap and water. 

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There are several steps involved in properly ensuring your hands are clean. These steps are in no particular order.

The steps to effective hand hygiene 

-Pour hand sanitizer onto your palm and rub both of your palms gently.

-Pour hand sanitizer onto your palm and rub both of your palms gently.

-Rub your hands while interlocking your fingers. This is a commonly missed part of your hands while washing or sanitizing.

-Rub the back of your hands and fingers. Again, this is not often done. Just running water onto this part isn’t enough.

-Rub your fingertips onto the palm of your hands. Pathogens and foreign substances can often accumulate inside your nails and on your fingertips.Rubbing your fingers on your palms can get rid of them.

-Rub the area between your index finger and thumb.

-Rub your thumb in a rotating manner.

-Rub both wrists in a rotating manner.

While you follow these 7 steps, don’t forget to use enough sanitizer or soap and water. Since Sanitizers are mainly made of alcohol, they tend to vaporize easily. So you may need to apply sanitizers multiple times in small quantities while going from steps 1 to 7. 

Some additional information

A lot of people buy hand sanitizers based on their scent and/or colour. It is important to remember that the main component and function of hand sanitizers is not to make your hands smell good. 

Purchase a hand sanitizer that has a relatively high alcohol percentage. The higher the percentage of alcohol, the larger the range of microorganisms it can erase.


There is absolutely no need to constantly apply hand sanitizer every time you come into contact with an object. Your skin is a perfect barrier to pathogens. As long as your hands don’t suffer bruises or you don’t put your hands to your face, there are no practical entry points for these harmful organisms. 

Washing your hands is enough for the most part. Sanitizing once or twice after coming back home from outside or before eating food is enough. Or else the chemicals can irritate your skin and cause other unwanted side effects. 

Stay safe, stay healthy! 

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