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Amitt is currently pursuing his Bachelor degree in Management and Information system. Writing is his passion. His interest and research in Skin issues help him to write realistic and quality contents about different issues of the skin. He is tech savvy and also prefers to write about technologies and innovation. The combination of his Knowledge and interest is quite rare to find. He loves listening to soft music, Cruising around and traveling. He is also fitness conscious and as the outcome of that, he is seen to hit the gym no matter what. He is also fond of Rainy and winter season.

5 Amazing Benefits of Cucumber For skin

Originated in the Indian Sub-continent, Cucumber is always on the top of the list whether it is for diet purpose or skincare. Either you eat it solid, or drink a juice made from it or you simply apply it on your skin, it is going to help you in all the ways. It tastes really good and soothing and that ... Read More »

5 Simple Skin Care Tips for Summer

Among all the problems in the lives of peoples, the epidemic influences of summer on the skin are one of the toughest to sort out. Extreme summer is a bad time for skin and may cause serious harm to your skin if you are aware of the ways to take care of your skin. To solve the summertime skin issues, ... Read More »

Benefits of Jojoba oil for skin

Jojoba is a commercially grown plant scientifically known as Simmondsiachinensis, mostly cultivated in South-western North America to Manufacture Jojoba oil and Wax ester. Jojoba oil is the liquid which is found in the seeds of the plant. It’s quite unthinkable that a rare plant having a lot of seeds can be this much beneficial to the skin. Although it is ... Read More »

How to Make Neem Oil for Skin

Neem oil is a natural pesticide that has been in use since the ancient time. It is really bitter in taste and has a sulfur smell in it. Neem oil is used in various skin care products because of its rich nutrients that help and protects the skin from all kinds of environmental damage. Because of containing a lot of ... Read More »

5 Best Aloe Vera Gel for your skin

It is nearly impossible and illogical to use 100% Natural Aloe Vera Gel for regular purpose. Why would you even think of that, when the main purpose of getting the best output is disavowed. Pure Aloe Vera gel is very exquisite and it requires a certain condition or necessary preservative to help it generate the best output. It is never ... Read More »