6 Amazing Benefits of Green Tea for Skin

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Amazing Benefits of Green Tea for Skin

Let me start with a brief description of Green tea. Green tea is derived from a leaf of a plant name ‘Camellia sinensis’. It is rich with antioxidants and nutrients and is considered to have skin benefit as well as health benefits too. Green tea lotion and creams have become much well known to the people around the globe. You can find green tea extract which is found in some type of essential oils and supplements. These forms of oils are beneficial for skin health and skin problems.

 Green tea has many skin benefits which I will be explaining below.

  • Anti Aging: As green tea contains antioxidants, it helps in fighting skin aging. Skin aging occurs due to unhealthy diets, pollution and also smoking. It removes wrinkles on the skin and makes the skin healthy.
  •  Cures oily skin: Green tea can be used as a toner to treat your oily skin. People with oily skin gets clogged pores and acne breakouts. Oily skin most oily skin products aim to remove excess oil on the skin’s surface, but green tea directly minimizes oil production in skin cells.
  • Prevents skin cancer: It prevents the damage of skin DNA by preventing the sun’s harmful UV ray to touch the skin’s surface.
  • Prevents dark circles around eyes: Green tea contains antioxidants and also caffeine. When you apply it around your eye area, it can help in getting rid of dark circles.
  • Unclog pores and remove blackheads: Sometimes, due to excess sebum skin has to deal with blackheads, whiteheads, pores. Green tea is the best solution to fight these problems. Green tea helps in removing dirt from the open pores and tightens the pores to keep the skin safe from pollutants. Drink green tea once a day and use green tea as a cleanser to keep your skin safe from oil and pollution.
  • Sun Protection: Drinking one or two glass of green tea every will help you in reducing the inflammation of irritation because of sunlight and UV rays.

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