How to Lighten Skin Naturally and Permanently

We all fascinate about lighter and flawless skin. A lightened skin always adds some more point to beauty. Out of the aspiration, we often try different kinds of cream, pack and other things. Most of the products fail to give us our expected result or even if it gives, but the result doesn’t last much longer. If we can hold patience, we can lighten skin naturally and permanently at home. Regularly taking care of skin can keep it light, tight and beautiful. It is pollution, sunlight exposure and our carelessness which makes our skin dull and pale. We should keep time every day or in a one-day interval to take care of our skin at home. In today’s article, I will talk about the techniques of lightening skin naturally and permanently at home.

Lighten skin

Sprinkling Water and Cleaning Your Face Right After You Come Home

We all remain busy in the regular hustle of our life. We go to the office, shop, campus, workplaces and etc. other places all-round the day. It is very obvious that our skin will get dirty. Right after coming home, we should clean our face by sprinkling water and exfoliate our skin using a scrub or peel-off mask.

Cleaning will help us to get rid of dead cells, which often make our skin dull. Cleaning the face twice a day is a must if you actually want to lighten skin naturally. We should not allow dirt to get accumulated. That’s why just after returning home, our first task will be cleaning our face with sufficient water. We can use some face wash to get a more effective cleanup.

Drinking Adequate Amount of Water

Without sufficient water, skin turns pale and dry which is a major skin issue causing the dullness. If you want to lighten skin naturally, drink more water. Water helps to keep the skin hydrated and lively. It even keeps the hair look shiny. Drink more and more water; you will see the difference yourself.

Besides that, water helps your skin not to get pimples. We can drink the juice of fresh fruits and vegetables which contains Vitamin A, C, and E. We should try to avoid processed foods as much as possible. Skin automatically starts to look younger when a person drinks 6/7 glasses of water per day.

Eating Vegetables and Fruits

The one thing very important to get healthy, soft, and light skin is Vitamin C. Green vegetables and fruits contain adequate Vitamin C, which eventually helps to maintain lighter and healthy skin. Lime water contains vitamin C, which keeps the skin bright and fresh.

Besides that, the acidity of lemon is very important for increasing brightness and skin lightening. We all face blemishes and spots. Potato juice can be used to cure blemished skin. Papaya contains an enzyme called papain which helps to get rid of dead cells. Papaya is also a great source of antioxidant. Fresh vegetables and fruits add life to the skin. Eating fresh fruits and vegetable help in keeping our skin layers healthy and fresh.

Using Honey

To get a glowing and lightened skin is not easy and rather a difficult task to accomplish. But if I have to say one thing that can make this task quite possible, I would say it’s honey. Honey is not only good for inner health but also good medicine for dull skin. It works as an antibacterial which helps to fight against acne and infected cells.

Honey adds moisture to the skin, which lasts long and keeps it well-hydrated. Using honey also helps in removing blackheads, which make the skin look dull. It helps to cure scars and pigmentation. You may use honey twice a week. You can also make a mixture using tomato and honey which is even more beneficial to lighten skin in a natural way.

Using Yogurt

Lactic acid is important for skin lightening, and yogurt contains lactic acid. Yogurt contains many other important elements for skin lightening. You can use it online on your skin or you can blend it with honey, which is even more useful.

Yogurt helps to correct the tone and make it brighter. Yogurt is proven to get rid of acne scars. Vitamin B5 present in yogurt helps to lighten skin and remove acne scars where Vitamin B12 deals with skin discoloration, and Vitamin B2 helps the growth of new cells.

Oil regulation problem of the skin is a vital issue. It is also useful in this case. Yogurt helps to tighten pores and tissues of the skin. Yogurt can even be mixed with some other elements to get more benefit. Like you can make a mixture of yogurt and oatmeal, or yogurt and lemon juice. Yogurt, when mixed with honey, is also proven very much effective.

You can also try yogurt with orange juice. This can not only reduce moles but also can help to brighten the tanned skin. Yogurt also helps to heal blemished skin. Yogurt can be used with a hundred other natural things like Cucumber, olive oil, avocado, coconut oil, strawberry, orange peels, egg white, etc.

Using Aloe Vera Gel

One common remedy for all sorts of skin related issues is Aloe Vera gel. It fights with hyperpigmentation and helps to lighten skin complexion. Aloe Vera is cheap but one of the most efficient remedies for dull skin. Aloe Vera also helps to fade dull skins, heal acne marks, and protect from sunburn marks which makes our skin tanned. Whether it’s dry or oily skin, Aloe Vera is always a good solution. This works as an enzyme to fight against the fine lines and wrinkles.

Aloe Vera also helps to remove dead skin cells and produce new skin cells. You can use Aloe Vera solely or add some more value to its goodness. You can use Brown Sugar; it can work as a scrub. To maintain your skin elasticity and keep skip hydrated, you can use it by mixing it with honey and turmeric.

Use Aloe Vera with Milk and Milk cream to get the benefits at its maximum. Aloe Vera is an ancient remedy for skin problems. The peoples of Ancient Greece are known to use Aloe Vera for various kinds of skin problems, even the scars of swords they used to get at war.

Using Turmeric

Turmeric is nothing but a blessing when it comes to skincare or skin brightening or lightening. A compound known as curcumin is the main component that helps to solve any kind of issue regarding skin. Whether you want to heal our skin by cutting off dead cells or removing acne scars, turmeric is a great solution.

Age is an issue that causes the skin to go dull and pale. Age causes wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, crow’s feet, laugh lines, etc. Turmeric can be used to heal these problems. Sun causes damage to our skin, which can be healed with the help of turmeric.

The phytosterols and fatty acids present in turmeric can reduce oil production in the skin, which can solve the over oily skin issue for many of you. Oily skin is prone to many kinds of skin problems like pimples, pores, etc. You can make a mixture of turmeric and milk; it will help you out with skin whitening. Lemon has skin bleaching elements which can help in skin brightening and whitening. You can make a mixture of lemon and turmeric which will be more useful and effective way to lighten skin. Honey helps the skin to remain moisturized. Use honey with turmeric for better remedies.

Using Egg White

Egg white is a very useful element for skin which helps greatly in locking skin pores. Large pores are a serious skin issue. It makes the beauty fade away. This can be solved with a mixture of egg white and lemon. It’s a great solution for oily skin. It helps to remove the pores or to minimize it.

Using Milk

Just like yogurt, milk contains lactic acid which is very good for the skin. It helps to reduce skin hyperpigmentation. Milk is one of the most enriched foods in the world. It contains all the values of food like protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc.

All these work great in skin lightning. Milk may not whiten the skin but definitely can lighten it. You can use pure raw milk or you can add some honey with milk. You can blend the cucumber and milk together and the jelly-type substance you will get can be used in your skin. It will be very beneficial.

The above-given solutions are all-natural and permanent ways to lighten skin naturally. If you still want to use any Skin Brightener Cream, consult with an expert dermatologist and choose a lightening cream made with safe ingredients that have no side effects. As all the solution to our problem is there in nature, I always support natural remedies of every problem possible. I hope it helps you out with skin lightening permanently. Thanks!

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